See all that this plant can do! Fenugreek, klabat

Fenugreek, is not only one of our favorite Plentiful Pack ingredients, it’s one of our all around favorite herbs!

Its benefits extend way beyond the realm of breastfeeding, here’s 10 other reasons to LOVE this herb.

  1. It’s an Aphrodisiac, benefiting the body’s circulatory system.
  2. Helps treat Diabetes: it decreases the absorption of glucose, decreases insulin resistance, lowers glycemic index and stimulates insulin production.
  3. Good source of Amino Acids.
  4. Helps reduce calcium in Kidney Stones, by detoxifying them and adding nutrients.
  5. Used in cancer treatment. According to traditional Chinese medicine cancer is a phlegm condition. Fenugreek is a phlegm mover. Being that it is also an anti-inflammatory it helps reduce pain.
  6. Fights bronchitis, sinus & lung congestion, asthma, allergies and fever because it acts as a natural expectorant & helps in the utilization of oxygen in the body.
  7. Total antioxidant capacity, can we say DETOX!?
  8. Enhances thinking ability.
  9. Topically used to treat Eczema and other skin conditions by calming and reducing; redness, swelling, irritation and inflammation.
  10. Prevents heartburn and aids in digestion.


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