Orlando Sentinel on March 26, 2015.

Greg Devlin’s Thursday did not exactly start off on the right foot. The military veteran’s van broke down on his way to downtown Orlando, where he would pitch his educational comic books to a television crew for an upcoming entrepreneurs show. However, once he arrived at the coworking space Canvs, Devlin said the fact that his pitch has become almost automatic helped improve the day. “We have been telling this story for so many years that we can do it in our sleep,” said Devlin, cofounder of Worldwide Neon Tiki Tribe, which he hopes to expand into digital products soon. “You have to feel like you’re talking to friends, even with a camera in front of you.” More than a dozen area entrepreneurs received a crash course in pitching to a camera on Thursday as the upcoming reality show “The Startup Hour” visited Orlando. More >>