10 Yoga Techniques You Can Use While in Traffic.

Making you less angry and helping you utilize the time in your car for wellness.

Creating a new habit or shifting a bad one just requires the body, and the mind, to do something together at the same time repetitively. Practicing our Traffic Yoga will ensure you will no longer have anger issues while you’re driving.

1. Roll your joints

Roll your joints while taking 6 deep breaths in and out.

Roll your wrists 360 degrees and reverse your wrists 360 degrees. Roll every articulation in your body… your ankles, knees and elbows. Synovial Fluid is a connective tissue that bathes our joints. It gets thick, thicker and thickest during immobility (sitting in traffic!) and eventually hardens. Moving and breathing are the only things that allow it to become thin and oily.  So roll this joints and avoid arthritis today!

All we need is 30 seconds.

2. Make a Kiss & Resist Smile face while taking 6 deep breaths.

Did you know healthy glowing skin can come from practicing facial yoga postures?!
While lifting your eyebrows ,and making your lips and face shape a kiss, try and smile without changing your lifted brows and puckered up kissy face. Funny thing… a dose of instant happiness bubbling up!

Be aware to breathe in and out deeply for 6 breaths while you hold this posture.

All we need is 30 seconds.

3. Flip yourself off the infamous Bird

Hand Mudras are yoga postures for our hands. They can symbolize a thought, meaning or message without talking.
Ironically? In some traditions, the mudra for peace is the middle finger. Feel free to extend your middle finger. Just be sure to stretch your middle finger below the dashboard for no one to see. Repeat the mantra or word “peace” as you breath deeply in and out. Change “The Bird”, change your mood…

All we need is 30 seconds.

4. Span Out & Breath

Spread the balls of your feet- push out your heels –
Spread the pads in your hands and extend out your fingers wide open – at the same time, lift out the back top of head, drop the pubic bone and breathe. The place of separation and lengthening the spine and core is where the ribs end. To work the middle, one must stretch from both ends.

Allow for space to come into your body while you take 6 deep breaths in and out.

All we need is 30 seconds.

5. Pray

Place your hands together in the universal prayer position at your chest, lengthen out from the top back of head as you breath in, then drop your head forward to see your hands, and allow for a big huge exhale or sigh out loud lion’s “Ahhh”.
The exhale will lower the frontal rib cage and assist the body to come out of fight or flight mode.
Hold your position as you take an inhale. The bottom two ribs in your back will fill out with breath relieving compression creating expansion. This will bring in peace.
In yoga this is called surrender to God, or Ishvarapranadana.
Hold this breathing posture for at least 6 breaths, in and out.
No need to think or ask for anything in this posture, BE with it instead in the silence.

All we need is 30 seconds.

6. Listen to calm music.

Listening to meditative music in the car and reminding yourself to breathe is walking through the threshold of peaceful living.

Sincerely tune your body into a rhythm of calm by surrounding your environment with peaceful conditions. Listening to meditative music and becoming aware that you are breathing, is for certain creating the environmental necessities to peaceful living.

It is surprising how often we are tense, and how often we are unaware of it.

Fortunately music is infinite so we do have many choices for pleasant music. However, I do recommend occasionally choosing 20th century meditation music because composers combined meditation techniques and meditative concepts to the music.

The effects from OM or AUM is too vast a subject to discuss here. However we will poignantly honor it’s signifiant on our body.

The calming music creates vibrations conducive to our brain waves bringing about a sense of peace. When vibrational peace is present, and we are breathing, tension is less opt to be present and the stage is set for peaceful living.

All we need is 30 seconds.

7. Have a Cow…

…And while you’re at it have a cat too.
Retraction and protraction movement is the best for our spine.
Cat/Cow posture exchange the discs and vertebra in and out.
Our spine requires cow cat for spinal fluid to move through it. Cat/Cow posture removes pain out of the back while seated.

Doing the Cat/Cow posture while breathing 6 deep breaths, pumps the fluid through the spine.  Nothing else will pump the fluid through your spine this way, and our disks are 80% fluid!!
Discs are little bottles of water and one of the only things to keep them healthy is the Cat/Cow posture, in and out, in and out while you breath deep 6 times for at least 30 seconds.
Be sure you are lifting up and out of the your head and pushing out your heels to get as much length as possible while you have your Cat/Cow.

Your spine and your mood will moo and purr.

All we need is 30 seconds.

8. Drop your Shoulders away from your ears.

The best way to stretch your neck is to hold your shoulders down so your head and neck can stretch out of it. Growing like a tree from a solid ground.
To elongate the crunched neck, breathe 6 times as you gaze down your nose tip, lengthen your spine and pull shoulders away from ears.

Take liberty by stabilizing your shoulders away from ears so we can move our head more freely on its axis leaving the neck and shoulder stabilized in place.
Only the head moves.

All we need is 30 seconds.

9. Practice The Complete Breath

The art of breathing a commodious complete breath appears to be one of the most reliable predictors of longevity in humans. A complete breath is measured by taking 3 complete breaths in one minute. To begin just breathe in and out a few times normally. Next, be sure to exhale all of your breath empty, empty, empty very important. Then, for the complete breath, inhale as much as possible.

This is vital capacity.

Repeat 3 times for one minute.

After six such breaths, your blood gases will have shifted. An increase in arterial oxygen and a decrease in arterial carbon dioxide. For these reasons, the complete Breath is preformed correctly by emptying all the breath before you inhale to your fullest. Breathe slowly and even. The complete breath will produce a sense of calm and stability for peaceful living.
The complete breath is most commonly done seated in a chair, just as we are while we are driving our car.

All we need is 30 seconds.

10. As you drive, be the Yogi.

Adhering to a regular Yoga practice can bring about awareness very quickly, or very slowly, but nonetheless it will be inevitable. The awareness practicing yoga reveals can be defined as, we can see divine breath is in others. Our insight all is one, becomes capable of penetrating the surface of appearances. We are less likely to be in a situation of road rage when we remain connected to all living beings in the realization nature does not simply disappear. So as you drive, practice being the yogi.

We can see that divine breath is in others. Our insight all is one, becomes capable of penetrating the surface of appearances. Over time meditation leaves a practitioner changed forever. We remain connected to all living beings in the realization nature do not simply disappear. So as you drive, practice being the yogi.

A realized Yogi is never again unaware of the true relationship between nature and cosmic soul. We can see that divine breath is in others.

About the Author: Lisa Wulf RN


Working as an RN and yoga teacher, Lisa Wulf continued to study under the superior guidance of an Anusara Yoga Master for 4 dedicated years. As time passed, her practice enhanced as well as her number of followers/students. Leading her to open her own studio in New Smyrna Beach in 2008, where she improved the lives of many with her yogi guidance. Her passion for health and wellness coupled with her experience in the medical field makes for her a perfect guide on the path to wellness, higher-vibrancy and self-love.