Meet The Magic Makers

Frances Titus Muezner
Frances Titus MueznerPresident & Founder
Frances Titus is a florida girl born and raised. She likes to say she’s “German engineered with a cuban beat.” Being that she is second generation American with a German father and Cuban mother. She was fortunate enough to see the “American Dream” first hand through her family. She is a firm believer that through hard work and persistence anything is possible. Grounded in faith and wild for nature she is determined to revolutionize the way people view holistic medicine. She graduated with a Bachelors of Arts & Science with a concentration in Humanities from Rollins College. She also is part of the University of Central Florida’s Business Incubator Program.
Emily Ruff
Emily RuffFormulator
Emily Ruff, Director of the Florida School of Holistic Living, is a community herbalist and health educator who has practiced the art and science of plant healing for over a decade. The roots of her study were passed down during her childhood wandering the wilderness of Central Florida with her father, a botanist and professor, and digging in the soil with her grandfather, an urban farmer. Her journey into herbalism was sparked in adolescence, when she traveled to Guatemala and apprenticed with local plant healers.
Paige Branson
Paige BransonTeam Member
Paige Branson is a Florida native, born and raised in Orlando. She is a connoisseur of all things herbal. Loves God, her family, fiancé, yoga, the ocean, & her dog Franky. When she is not working she loves to travel and has visited over 24 countries & counting!

Guilty Pleasures: Sour Patch Kids & Candy Crush
Favorite Spot on Earth: Home (there’s no place like it!)
Personal Motto: “Bring the Sunshine!”

Candace Cottet
Candace CottetPR & Social Media Diva
Growing up in Miami, FL, Candace was always drawn to the arts. After graduating from Florida State University, Candace pursued a career in Los Angeles, interning at Vogue and Teen Vogue, and working in the entertainment industry. After creating, Candace was requested in the PR world. Heading social media outreach for several major brands, as well as running events for Swim Week. Using these skills for a greater good, and helping to deliver a product that helps people resonated with Candace after long days in the fashion industry. So when she came across Earths Love Tea, she needed to be on board.

“At the end of the day you want to know your work helped someone else through their day. That’s why I love this company.” – Candace Cottet

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