A Yogi’s Guide ToTraffic Jams

10 Yoga Techniques You Can Use While in Traffic. Making you less angry and helping you utilize the time in your car for wellness. Creating a new habit or shifting a bad one just requires the body, and the mind, to do something together at the same time repetitively. Practicing our Traffic Yoga will ensure you will [...]

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InnovateHER pitch competition puts businesswomen center stage

As she finished her business pitch during a competition Tuesday, the timekeeper yelled at Frances Titus: "Time!" And just like that, the two minutes of pitch, which she had spent six hours preparing, ended. "There is a lot you want to say, but you have to cut the fat," she said. The preparation paid off [...]

The Mommy War Dilemma: Three Major Truths Exposed

  There have been a few articles in my feed recently highlighting Similac's campaign to end "Mommy Wars." Although there have been some valid points made these truths need to be addressed. 1. The Warring really does exist. I am not denying it. I am not talking  about a quiet judgment. I am talking about moms going [...]

Flowers For You

For Our Readers, We want to share one of our favorite poems with you on this happy Friday. The best part of this poem is that it truly captures how a scene in nature can become your happy place. Create a moment this weekend in nature that can be your happy place on Monday morning. [...]

Ivette Ivens Interview

Ivette Ivens, Photographer and Mother We are thrilled share our interview with renowned photographer Ivette Ivens who is revolutionizing the perception of breastfeeding and pregnancy through her enchanting work. ELTC: Tell us little about yourself, where are you from? How does your culture perceive breastfeeding? IVENS:I was born in Lithuania. Lithuanians [...]

The Recession is Bullhonkey: Frances’ Story

This is part of The Recession is Bullhonkey series, where I share stories of those who have gotten hired and/or started their own businesses (or sometimes both!) since 2008. Frances Titus was (and is!) a woman on a mission, and I just love how she took  her personal, educational and professional experience to create the product she needed [...]

Fenugreek Benefits Beyond Breastfeeding

See all that this plant can do!  Fenugreek, is not only one of our favorite Plentiful Pack ingredients, it's one of our all around favorite herbs! Its benefits extend way beyond the realm of breastfeeding, here’s 10 other reasons to LOVE this herb. It’s an Aphrodisiac, benefiting the body’s circulatory system. Helps treat Diabetes: it [...]

5 challenges I faced as a 1st-time breast feeder

Nipple soreness: Being a first time breast feeder my nipples were SO sore! In terms of latching and positioning you have to take the lead in the beginning, letting your little one take the lead is recipe for soreness. Here’s How: Save all the fancy advanced positioning for down the road. Keep it super simple [...]

Meet a Business Mom Who Developed the First On-The-Go Instant Lactation Tea

April 18, 2015 By American Mothers The positive effects of breastfeeding are undeniable. It’s the perfect food for baby, builds the immune system, reduces the risk for infections, develops the brain,and deepens the connection between mother and child. It’s also an incredible calorie burner for mom as well. Mothers who are unable to breastfeed are all too [...]