First Ever Lactation Stick Pack

 Our Plentiful packs are made with herbs that have been proven throughout history to increase milk-supply in lactating women. No hot water required! Just tear, pair and ready-to-go.

Check Out Our Plentiful Pack.

Herbal Galactagogues have been used throughout human history to increase milk supply and support lactation flow. Galactagogue use has been discovered as far back as 50 BC in the works of Dioscorides a greek physician. Also, within the works of his contemporary Pliny a Roman scholar and officer. Not only can we find evidence of their use throughout European history there’s also evidence of their use in the Native cultures of North, Central and South America.
*See A Survey on Herbal Galactagogues Used in Europe by Claudia Bruckner for more information on Galactagogues use throughout history.
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Plentiful Pack

An Amazing Product At An Amazing Price

Take A Look At Our Ingredients…All Natural All The Way.

  • Formulated By A Herbalist
  • Herbal Extracted Powder
  • Digested Immediately
  • Concentrated Strength
  • Made In America
  • Tried and True Formula Backed By Mothers


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It. 

Listen to what other mothers had to say about our plentiful packs.

“As a first time mom, I was beginning to feel discouraged and overwhelmed. To think an herbal blend could so gently yet effectively help me feel more empowered and strong as a mother. Thank you for sharing this formula with new mothers!”
Karin - Tennessee
“When my second daughter arrived, I was unprepared at the challenges I faced in breastfeeding, since my first daughter’s infancy had been such a breeze. I have never worked with herbal teas before, but this blend immediately offered results and helped me gain confidence and feel more at ease. Most of all, I know my young daughter appreciated their effects greatly, and I truly believe they helped me gain the peace of mind I needed to help foster harmony throughout the entire home.”
Annaliese - Miami

Lactation Support If Need

We know that caring for your baby is a 24/7 job and breastfeeding questions can arise at any time. For lactation support, please contact one of the following companies:

Celestial Midwifery, Inc.
Phone: (407) 923-6874
La Leche League International
Phone: 1+800-LALECHE (525-3243)
Mommy’s Womb Mate
Phone: (786) 417-3776